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Bareback 72" Square Wheel Grinder

This is one of the best belt grinders you'll ever use.  I'll show you how to build one.


Here is a little information on the origins of this design.  Originally I was exposed to something similar made by Bob Loveless.  He has made many grinders for his shop that are based on a 4X4 beam.  Apparently, it was Jim Ferguson who turned him on to the advantages of this sort of machine.  Going back even further, Jim says Bill Herndon had one of these in his shop at one time.

These people are legends in the knife making world.  They've inspired a whole generation of craftsman.  Hopefully my updated version of this classic idea will inspire you too.


Damien Gendron

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Bareback Jr. 20" Bowl Lathe  ON THE BACK BURNER

A do it yourself bowl lathe, second to none.


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