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I thought I would share some images of various hobbies I've been involved it over the years.  Most of my interests have been technical in nature but I also love being artistically creative at times.  This is a small selection of recent exploits.  Eventually I will expand on some of these with more detail.


For many years I was involved in a group called the SCA.  Basically we studied and practiced old world skills like armoring and knife making to name a couple.  I have made many bladed weapons over the years.  Here is a small sample:


Another "old world" skill I enjoyed was jewelry making.  The last image is a large pin vice I designed and built in college.


Below is the best jeweler's pin vice I've ever used.  I designed and built it in college in my spare time.  I finished my first year a couple weeks ahead of schedule and decided to keep busy.  I'm glad I did.





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